10. Charles Koch ($48.6 B)

He is an American businessman, philanthropist & political contributor. Charles is co-owner, director & CEO of Koch Industries. Koch industries are the second biggest privately owned conglomerate by property in the united states.


Age- 81

Citizenship- USA

Source of wealth-  Koch Industry

Education- BA/BSC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Master of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


For business to survive over a long period, it needs to be contributing to society & people’s well-being. Otherwise who’s going to want it. – David Koch

9. David Koch ($48.7 B)

David Koch
#9 David Koch

David Hamilton Koch is an American businessman, humanitarian & chemist. Koch shares majority stakes in Koch Industries with his sibling Charles Koch. He is one of the major donors to Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre and Lincoln Centre.


Age– 77

Citizenship- USA

Source of wealth- Koch Industry

Education- Bsc/BA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MSc. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


The way I look at it is, cancer research is absolutely Unbiased. Cancer is much democratic in the sense that it attacks people despite of their race, their gender, their national background, or their political persuasions. – David Koch

8. Michael Bloomberg ($53 B)

Michael Bloomberg
#8 Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is an American businessman, writer, politician, & humanitarian who served three times as Mayor of New York City.


Age– 75

Citizenship– USA

Source of wealth– Bloomberg’s L.P, Self Made

Education– Bachelor of Arts/Science, John Hopkins University


My 1st job out of school was on wall street & I stayed there for 15 years. It was a terrific ride ride. Everybody love me right up until the day they fired me! – Michael Bloomberg

7. Larry Ellison ($61.7 B)

Larry Ellison
#7 Larry Ellison

Larry is born in Manhattan, New York; he is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is chairman of Oracle Corporation & technology officer. Ellison founded the company in 1997 & served as CEO until September 2014.


Age- 72

Citizenship- United States

Source of wealth- Software, Self-made

Education- Drop Out, University of Chicago; Drop Out, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


When people start telling you that you are crazy, you just might be on to the most important innovation in your life. – Larry Ellison

6. Carlos Slim Helu ($69.3 B)

Carlos Slim Helu
#6 Carlos Slim Helu

He is a Mexican business tycoon, humanitarian & investor. From the year 2010 to 2013, he was listed as the richest human in the world.


Age- 77

Citizenship- Mexican

Source of wealth- Telecom sector, Self Made

Education- Bsc/BA, Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico


When you live for others opinions, you are dead. I don’t want to live thinking about how I’ll be remembered. – Carlos Slim Helu

5. Mark Zuckerberg ($71.9 B)

Mark Zuckerberg
#5 Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is an American richest entrepreneur, philanthropist & computer programmer. Mark is founder & CEO of the well known most large social networking website named Facebook. Mark & his wife, have pledged to give away 99% of their Facebook stake over their lives.


Age- 33

Citizenship- United States

Source of wealth- Facebook

Education- Drop Out, Harvard University


We may not have the power to create the world immediately, but we can all start on the long term today. – Mark Zuckerberg

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4. Warren Buffet (74.8)

Warren Buffet
#4 Warren Buffet

He is known as the “Oracle of Omaha, ” Buffet is supposed to be one of the most successful investors in the world. His Berkshire Hathaway has more than 45 companies, including Dairy Queen, Geico & Duracell. He has vowed to give away 99% of his wealth to charitable purposes, originally through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Age- 86

Citizenship- USA

Source of wealth- Berkshire Hathaway, Self Made

Education- Bsc/BA University of Nebraska Lincoln; Master of Science, Columbia University


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. – Warren Buffet

3. Amancio Ortega ($83.8 B)

Amancio Ortega
#3 Amancio Ortega

A Spanish business magnate Amancio Ortega is a founder & CEO of Inditex fashion group (ZARA). Ortega is the richest person in the Europe & most wealthy retailer in the world. Ortega funded in an ever-expanding real estate collection, which includes hotels in Barcelona, Madrid, Miami New York city.


Age- 81

Citizenship- Spanish

Source of wealth- Zara, Self Made

Education- Left school at age 14.


In the Street, I ony want to be recognised by my family, my friends & people I work with. – Amanico Ortega

2. Jeff Bezos ($86.7 B)

Jeff Bezos
#2 Jeff Bezos

Born on January 12, 1961, Jeff is an American tech & retail entrepreneur, humanitarian & investor. He is founder & CEO of biggest shopping website Amazon.com. On July 27, 2017, Bezos shortly become the world’s richest person, surpassing gates with the net worth over $90 B. He lost his title in next day when Amazon’s stock fell, returning him to second place with the net worth just below $86.7 B.


Age- 53

Citizenship- USA

Source of wealth- Amazon.com

Education- Bachelor of Arts/Science, Princeton University


If you build great experience, costumers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powrful. – Jeff Bezos

1. Bill Gates ($90 B)

Bill Gates
#1 Bill Gates

Bill Gates the richest person in the world is an American business tycoon, investor, author & philanthropist. He is the owner world’s largest computer software company Microsoft. He was the no.1 richest from 1995 to 2007, again in 2009 and has been since 2014. Bill Gates is also known for numerous philanthropic work through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, donating enormous amount money to various charitable causes & science research programs.


Age- 61

Citizenship- USA

Source of wealth- Microsoft, Self Made

Education- Drop Out from Harvard University


Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world, if you do so, you are insulting yourself. – Bill Gates



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