Living a just life wouldn’t be complete without some beings and creatures that could possibly make it an awesome one. Life will be so simple if we want it to.

We are in a society where anything can happen so easily. Many folks now dine with animals where some have become so addicted to it that they can’t cop without it. Most animals are not just awesome, but also expensive than what you can imagine.

Now here on this, I’ll be listing out the Top Ten Expensive Animals In The World. This is really an awesome one.


10. Hyacinth Macaw ($14,000)

Hyacinth Macaw is the most beautiful and prized animals of the macaw family. These are the largest macaw having a length of 100 cm (from head to tip). They mostly saw in central and east South America. Very few people have Hyacinth Macaw. Its wing is completely blue with a ring of bright yellow around its eye & the same shade at the base and the corners of its break. There are only 2700-3000 Hyacinths left in the world today.


9. Black Palm Cockatoos ($16,000)

Black Palm Cockatoos
#9 Black Palm Cockatoos

The Black Palm Cockatoo is not black, but instead a very dark, smoke-gray color. Cockatoo family are mostly found in New Guinea, Aru Islands, and ape York Peninsula. Black Palm Cockatoo is intelligent and good-looking, but hard to manage. It is a unique bird with a large feather and has one of the most significant money of any parrot. Black Palm Cockatoos also called Goliath Cockatoos or Great Black Cockatoos.

8. Lavender Albino Ball Python ($20,000)

Lavender Albino Ball Python
#8 Lavender Albino Ball Python

Lavender Albino Python is the rare genetic morph of a ball python. The species found in sub-Saharan Africa. Ball Python’s pretty pastel coloration has made them highly prized among snake enthusiasts. They become great pets because they are easy to handle & reach an average size of 3 feet, which can be is manageable for most pet owners. Between 40000-50000 Ball Pythons are exported from Africa annually for sale in the exotic pet trade.

7. Stag Beetles ($89,000)

stag Beetles
#7 stag Beetles

Stag Beetles are a group of about 1300 classes of beetles in the family Lunacanidae. Some species of Stag Beetle grow up to over 12 cm, but most are about 5 cm. These are the most abundant species of insect to be found in the United Kingdom, but despite this, the stag beetles are becoming rarer and rarer in much Britain and now a protected species in much of its historic range.

6. Arabian Horse ($100,000)

Arabian Horse
#6 Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse is the royal amongst horses; this has the perfect solid body, chiseled neckline, high tail and a beautifully curved back. They are one of the most easily recognizable horse classes in the world. In standard, it has a short, straight back, perfect stability & symmetry, well-sprung ribs, strong legs of thick density.

5. White Lion Cub ($138,000)

White Lion Cub
#5 White Lion Cub

This breed of lions first found in 1940, and they were rare back then. Their white color is due to the recessive genes in both the parents. They live in South Africa wild reserve. People can see it inexpensive African safaris & not anywhere else in the world. According to Global White Protection Trust, there are now only around 300 living white lions in the world.

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4. Sir Lancelot Encore ($155,000)

Sir Lancelot Encore
#4 Sir Lancelot Encore

Sir Lancelot Encore is world’s 1st cloned dog. Edger and Nina Otto, couple had a world-famous dog Lancelot, but due to cancer disease, they lost him in 2009 and then decided to clone his Gene. In this way, Lancelot Encore born and the champion of the Bio-arts auction in San-Francisco.

3. Tibetan Mastiff ($582,000)

Tibetan Mastiff
#3 Tibetan Mastiff

World’s largest dog, Tibetan Mastiff is the dog version of lion. Tibetian Mastiff is guard dogs, trained to protect livestock, palaces & monasteries back then in a day. They are rare and come in different colors such as black, gray, red, brown & pure white. The good thing is that it does not have an unpleasant smell like the one for the common dogs. The last rare Tibetan Mastiff auctioned for an almost $1.5 million.

2. Miss Missy ($1.2 million)

Miss Missy
#2 Miss Missy

Missy is an extremely expensive cow in the world. This is because of her speed that makes it win several championships. She is of superior quality as well as excellent standard, especially in farming industry. Since she ended up as the champion, a lot of people to buy her. Her owner paid $1,200,000 to get her home.

1. Green Monkey ($16 million)

Green Monkey (expensive animals)
#1 Horse- The Green Monkey

No, it’s not a monkey. It’s American Thoroughbred racehorse. It is one of most expensive animals and has won many competitions because of its speed and beauty. According to report given by CNBC. The 1st time Green Monkey raced, he ran 8 miles in just 9.8 seconds. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury and hasn’t been able to duplicate that speed ever since.



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